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Middleburg Bank, a division of Access National Bank.

Debit Cards

Our Visa EMV Debit Card is the safe and convenient way to make everyday purchases. Chip card technology provides enhanced security and CardValet assists with tracking and managing your spending.

CardValet — a Mobile App That Helps You With​:

  • Fraud Prevention — Turn your card off when you are not using it to prevent fraud, and turn it back on when you are ready to make a purchase or ATM withdrawal.
  • Control Spending — You can set spending limits for general use or specify thresholds by merchant type, such as gas stations or retail stores. This can be a great control for parents to use on their children’s debit cards.
  • Alerts & More — You may sign up for alerts on debit card transactions. Just activate the Push Notification for alerts within the CardValet app.

Debit Card Fraud Detection System

The Bank employs real-time risk management for debit card fraud protection. It uses a neural network, daily reports and a call center of skilled analysts who work around the clock monitoring for suspicious activity. If it is determined that there is a high probability of fraud on your debit card, you will be notified by a fraud analyst by phone. Two call attempts will be made to each phone number on file, with the second attempt made two hours after the first attempt over the course of two days. If we are unable to reach you by phone and leave you a message, we will mail a letter to your address on file.

Are You Traveling?
Avoid possible declined transactions while traveling by contacting us prior to your trip, especially if traveling outside the US or between several states in a short period of time.

Here’s How It Works

  • The system reviews each debit card transaction in a real-time environment and scores it based on the degree of probability that it might be fraudulent. Then, a fraud analyst reviews each card alert report to determine if you should be notified.
  • If it’s determined there is a high probability of fraud, the cardholder is notified. Two call attempts are made daily for up to two days. (These calls will be made between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. local time). If the fraud analyst cannot reach the cardholder during this period, and the activity is considered high risk, the card may be temporarily blocked.
  • Once contact is established, the cardholder will be asked about the transaction and card status. To differentiate a call like this from an identity theft phishing attempt, we will not ask any personally identifying information. Our callers will already have this information. If the cardholder confirms a transaction was legitimate, the fraud analyst will update the system and you can continue to use your card.
  • If the cardholder confirms fraud, the system blocks the card from future use, thus protecting the client’s funds. It will also mark the transaction as confirmed fraud for use in future scoring and tracking to help identify potential fraudulent patterns or trends. In the event your card is blocked, Access National Bank will work closely with you to quickly reissue a new card and PIN.
  • Use CardValet (above) for additional fraud protection and other benefits.


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