Estate Settlement

Choosing an executor is an important decision. Your executor should be experienced, knowledgeable about probate laws in your state and responsive to the needs of your family.  The complex responsibilities of an executor include: 

  • Valuation and management of all assets
  • Investment management
  • Compliance with all probate procedures
  • Tax preparation and strategic planning
  • Real estate investment and sales

 When you name Middleburg Trust Company as your executor, you are assured of: 

  • Constant availability and permanence. Faced with multiple tasks in a limited time, your executor must be able to serve the estate regardless of external pressures, business distractions, sickness, vacations, or death. Middleburg Trust can maintain a continuous presence to serve without interruption.
  • Financial strength. Your executor should be financially responsible. Often the probate court will require that your executor be bonded – at the expense of the estate. Because of our known financial strength and experience, this is rarely required when Middleburg Trust Company serves as executor.
  • Impartiality and personal consideration. During this time of bereavement, your loved ones should be treated with the sympathy and consideration you would expect of a close personal friend. Our probate professionals understand and are responsive to the special needs of family members and heirs during the stressful probate process.  

Personal appointments may be made to discuss your individual needs by calling 540-687-4805 or