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Middleburg Bank, a division of Access National Bank.

How Access Protects Your Online Information

By being vigilant with our security protocols and procedures we strive to keep your personal information private and protect you from online fraud. This level of Security is achieved in part by:

  • Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the communications between your browser and our servers.
  • Verifying that only authorized persons are allowed to access online banking.


Maintaining privacy of the data communicated between you (your browser) and our servers is ensured by using encryption, which is the most effective means to achieve data security. Encryption involves exchanging numbers between your browser and our online banking server. The numbers serve as keys to "unlock" the connection between browser and server, much like numbers on a combination lock. The higher the number of combinations, the less likely it is that an outside party could decipher the key and access sensitive information. This type of encryption is called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption that not only ensures privacy, but also ensures that no other website can "impersonate" our website, nor alter any information sent. You can determine if a browser is in a secure mode by looking for the secured lock symbol at the bottom of your browser window.

The browser encryption level required to access our online banking system is 128-bit encryption. You will be unable to access our online banking functions with a lower encryption level.

How to determine if your browser supports 128-bit encryption

Click on "Help" in the toolbar of your Internet browser and click on "About [browser name]". A pop-up window will be displayed. For Internet Explorer, next to "Cipher Strength" you should see "128-bit". For Netscape, the following text should appear: "This version supports high-grade (128-bit) security with RSA Public Key Cryptography". If your browser does not support 128-bit encryption, you will need to upgrade to a browser that does in order to view secure pages on our website.


It is important to verify that only authorized persons log into online banking. A multifactor authentication process called Online ACCESS Control achieves this. Online ACCESS Control is a security feature that allows us to recognize you as the true owner of your account by recognizing not only your login information but also your computer. If we do not recognize your computer we will request additional information that is only known to you, to ensure authorized access.

We allow you to enter your password incorrectly a limited number of times; too many incorrect passwords will result in the locking of your online banking account until you call us to reinitialize the account. We monitor and record "bad-login" attempts to detect any suspicious activity (i.e. someone trying to guess your password). You play a crucial role in preventing others from logging on to your account. Never use easy-to-guess passwords. Examples:

  • Birth dates
  • First names
  • Pet names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social Security numbers

Never reveal your password to another person. You should periodically change your password in the User Option screen of online banking.

Security Architecture Overview

We provide a number of additional security features in online banking. Online banking will "time-out" after a specific period of inactivity. This prevents curious persons from continuing your online banking session in the event you have left your PC unattended without logging out. You may set the time-out period according to your needs; however, we recommend that you always log out when you are done with online banking.

Our systems security architecture uses industry-standard technology including password-controlled entry, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, data encryption, perimeter and internal firewalls, screening and filtering routers, intrusion detection, strict authentication, virus protection, as well as application security. Each security component acts as a layer of protection to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized users thus providing private and secure online banking.

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