Investment Philosophy

Transparency and Objectivity

Transparency and Objectivity define our Philosophy — Capital Fiduciary Advisors’ approach to investing focuses on preserving capital and structuring high-quality, diversified portfolios that generate strong, risk-adjusted returns over time by employing high quality investment managers.

We firmly believe in the time-tested principles of asset allocation with the objective of generating consistent results over time. Our mission is to provide an appropriate investment strategy following the principle of asset allocation and diversification.

  • We listen and understand the importance of flexible, customized solutions
  • We are committed to open, frequent communication and transparency
  • We adhere to a disciplined investment process; the process matters as much as the plan

How We Are Different

Capital Fiduciary Advisors was founded on the principle of providing objective, customized advice and excellent service. That commitment is what drives us—and what differentiates us from brokers/dealers. Our focus is on:

  • Providing comprehensive wealth management and holistic investment advice
  • Always being accountable to you and providing you with independent, objective advice and service
  • The benefits our clients receive from a team approach to wealth management
  • Forging partnerships with our clients based on trust, honesty, integrity, and understanding
  • The realization of our clients’ unique goals

Independent and Objective Advice

Our primary goal is to provide clients with the highest level of service and objective, unbiased advice. Unlike traditional brokerage firms and investment banks, we maintain an open architecture environment, which gives our clients access to the talented and successful global investment managers.

We oversee the efforts of the investment managers objectively and strictly on your behalf.

Fiduciary Standard of Care

The wealth advisors at Capital Fiduciary Advisors understand that true wealth means more than financial success — it is the path to achieving your unique goals and highest aspirations.

In short, Capital Fiduciary Advisors has a fiduciary obligation to act in the best interest of our clients and our goal is to guide you through today’s complex global capital markets.

Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Management

Our clients pay for our investment advisory services exclusively on a fee-only basis. We will only recommend investment vehicles and strategies that are aligned with their best interests, goals, and objectives.

Our client-focused fee arrangements encompass all consulting services, including manager search and selection, custodian administration, creation of an Investment Policy Statement, portfolio construction/implementation, and performance monitoring.

Our Wealth Management Oath

  • We will fully educate you in regards to your customized investment portfolio and the research behind each of our recommendations;
  • We will define precisely what our responsibilities are with respect to our ongoing wealth management advisory relationship;
  • We will provide full transparency and disclosure in all aspects of our management advisory relationship;
  • We will provide you with clearly measurable objectives and metrics for evaluating progress toward your individual investment goals;
  • We will define and communicate our superior service standards, including:
    • The Team — A dedicated team of experienced financial professionals with extensive industry experience and knowledge that is available via phone, email or in-person ∼ Inquiries will be answered promptly and always within 24 hours
    • Services Provided — Your service team will facilitate and advise you on all facets of your investment portfolio, including evaluation, construction, rebalancing, trading, reporting, and money transfers
    • Our Deliverables — An evaluation of your current portfolio and an analysis of your investment needs — Monthly statements provided by custodian — Comprehensive quarterly performance reports and account reviews — Comprehensive year-end tax summary statements of your accounts;
  • We will conduct ourselves with the highest moral and ethical standards, and we pledge to act professionally in your best interest at all times;
  • We will always maintain professional objectivity and integrity; We will provide superior service at all times.

Comprehensive wealth management is not a product we push or a formula we follow. It is a prudent and proven process for developing and implementing investment strategies that are customized to each client’s unique goals, priorities, and timelines. This client-driven approach provides clarity, value and peace of mind.

Our investment process applies best practices from institutional sources. We make disciplined, institutional investing accessible and effective to all types of clients – affluent individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Capital Fiduciary Advisors’ proprietary process utilizes both active and passive investment management techniques. We select specialty managers from a broad universe, which we have built over time and maintain with strict adherence to the highest levels of due diligence. Objectivity and discipline ground our investment process. “The process matters as much as the plan.”

Our Process:

Define & Prioritize Goals  We work with our clients to help them define, set, and meet their unique investment goals.  Benefit: Clarity of your financial goals.

Stress Test Goals & Objectives  Our analysis simultaneously evaluates priorities, investment allocation, and value of assets to determine how confident our clients can be that their most important goals will be met. Benefit: Setting expectations and your model for success.

Implement Allocation — Using asset allocation and tactical overlay methods to manage risk in a portfolio, we seek to maximize client returns by employing best-in-class separate account managers, institutional mutual funds, and specialty alternative investments.  Benefit: Active management that utilizes a Core/Satellite approach may assist in maximizing returns.

Monitor Progress — We actively manage portfolios, monitor investment performance and regularly meet with clients to reassess and confirm objectives, report on progress, and rebalance portfolios for maximum results. Benefit: Productive communication promotes real partnership.

Analyze & Rebalance  We continually monitor clients’ investment plans. We understand that financial situations change and evolve, so we remain proactive and ahead of potential changes that affect long-term strategy and success. Benefit: Capitalize on forward trends and reduction of risk.