Investment Service Offerings

Relationship Management

Capital Fiduciary Advisors is committed to customized client service. We tailor our wealth management solution to meet clients’ interests, objectives, needs and schedule. Our integrated approach and active involvement helps busy clients dramatically extend their resources and global investment reach.

Investment Management

Our role is to serve as advisors in a fiduciary capacity. Our philosophy is strategic wealth management through good governance. To that end, we guide clients in the critical areas of investment policy design, asset management, risk management, liquidity strategies, portfolio rebalancing and tax planning. We help clients define and sharpen their strategic goals, taking into consideration cash requirements, cash flows, taxes, as well as short term and long term investment expectations. We generally apply both fundamental and tactical strategies, based on changing economic conditions and situational needs. Capital Fiduciary Advisors provides guidance and seeks to deliver exceptional service, allowing clients to focus on life, family and community.

Asset Allocation

The development of an appropriate asset allocation is the most important component of our institutional thinking and practice. Portfolio diversification is necessary for consistent, long term results. We use sophisticated portfolio modeling and financial forecasting technology to build portfolio allocations and then rebalance accordingly. The objective is to generate the best risk-adjusted returns within the confines and mandates of clients’ unique, corporate or family investment policy.

Manager Selection

An in-depth manager search and selection process is conducted on an ongoing basis, both internally and through partnerships with leading, global research firms. Capital Fiduciary Advisors and its research partners continually provide rigorous due diligence on our specialty manager universe. We scour the market place for talented managers in critical areas, and utilize low-cost, index products in efficient market spaces, when and where appropriate. This combination of “Core/Satellite” investing is highly effective in accessing talent in less efficient market segments, while reducing costs in efficient spaces. This blending of strategies historically adds value over market cycles.

Performance Monitoring & Ongoing Review

We perform comprehensive, quarterly performance measurement against industry peers and appropriate benchmarks. Both internal and externally held assets, including corporate retirement plans and 401Ks, are incorporated into performance measurement. This provides both client convenience and the proper, holistic allocation perspective.


Services for Individual Investors

We take care of protecting your family’s wealth, so that you can focus on your future together.

  • Comprehensive portfolio management
  • Retirement planning
  • Trust and fiduciary services
  • Family office education and support
  • Wealth preservation and transfer planning
  • Concentrated wealth strategies
  • Tax planning and minimization
  • Private banking


Services for Institutions & Corporate Entities

We are a local advisory presence with a broad, global perspective.

  • Executive Officer Services (10B5-1 Plans, sale of restricted stocks, etc.)
  • CIO Advisory services for corporate reserve funds
  • Investment management solutions
  • Global research
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Asset allocation modeling
  • Retirement and pension plan advisory
  • Full service banking and cash management


Services for Nonnprofits

We understand that investment decisions must be integrated with an organization’s entire financial framework.

  • Investment policy statement (IPS) creation & maintenance
  • Endowment style money management (open architecture)
  • Budgeting and distribution / spending analysis
  • Risk management, Strategic asset allocation and tactical overlay
  • Portfolio liquidity stress testing
  • Manager research and due diligence
  • Full service banking and cash management
  • Tax-exempt and specialized financing
  • Collateralized lending