Middleburg Investment Services

Middleburg Investment Services offers access to a broad range of investment options, and the smart, solid guidance you need to take advantage of those options.

Mutual Funds, ETFs & Equities

Investing in the stock market is one path to pursuing your financial goals.

Bonds & Fixed Income

Fixed income investing helps diversify your portfolio and can provide stability during times of market turbulence.  Bonds and cash instruments such as CDs can provide stable returns and a regular source of income.


IRAs provide a great way to build retirement savings.  We offer both traditional and Roth IRAs.

College Savings - 529 Plans

A 529 college savings plan provides the flexibility you want with the tax advantages you need.  

Company Retirement Plans

Establishing an employee retirement program allows your staff to save for retirement — while helping you attract and retain talented employees.


Annuities provide a long-term investment vehicle coupled with tax advantages.


Insurance is an important component of any financial plan. Seek to protect yourself and your loved ones with our full range of insurance products.