Mutual Funds, ETFs & Equities

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds offer many advantages, including diversification to help mitigate risk, convenience and a wide selection of funds to keep pace with changing financial needs.

But with thousands of different mutual funds available, choosing a fund can be difficult. Middleburg Investment Services will help you develop a mutual fund strategy that's right for you. 

Investing in mutual funds involves risk, including possible loss of principle.  There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio.  Diversification does not protect against market risk.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

An exchange traded fund (or ETF) is an investment vehicle which, like a mutual fund, holds assets such as stocks or bonds.  However, an ETF is traded on stock exchanges and its price can fluctuate throughout the trading day, much like stocks. 

Most ETFs track an index, such as the S&P 500 or MSCI EAFE. ETFs may be attractive as investments because of their costs, tax efficiency, and stock-like features.

The investment professionals at Middleburg Investment Services will help you decide if ETFs should play a role in your investment strategy and, if so, determine the most suitable ones for your specific needs.

An investment in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), structured as a mutual fund or unit investment trust, involves the risk of losing money and should be considered as part of an overall program, not a complete investment program.  An investment in ETFs involves additional risks such as not diversified, price volatility, competitive industry pressure, international political and economic developments, possible trading halts, and index tracking errors.


For many people, investing in individual stocks may be the right choice when trying to pursue their financial goals. But are they right for you?

Your Middleburg Investment Services representative can help you decide and get you started. They will work with you personally to understand your current investment goals. Then he or she will help you choose the products and services that are right for you.

And when life events like a marriage, the birth of a child, or new career opportunities cause your needs to change, your Middleburg Investment Services representative will be there to help you adjust your investment strategy so you can stay on track as you try to meet your financial goals.

Stock investing involves risk including loss of principal.