Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management expertise includes equities and fixed income investing.  We employ a disciplined approach when it comes to buying and selling positions in any asset class.  This approach begins with our research team identifing core and alternative investment choices and then monitoring those choices over time to ensure they are performing according to our expectations.

Our investment advisors are guided by our investment philosophies and strategies within each of these major asset classes.

Equity Philosophy

The objective of the equity management mandate is to secure risk adjusted returns greater than that of the Standard and Poors 500 Index. To achieve that objective, we use a disciplined Growth-at-a-Reasonable-Price (GARP) style of equity management.

  • Growth:  For our portfolio to consistently provide excellent risk adjusted returns, we focus on high quality, well-managed companies trading at reasonable valuations. These companies should be led by shareholder-oriented management that builds leading brand franchises in the products and services it markets. Investors normally realize investment growth from the long-term compounding of companies’ earnings and dividend growth over a market cycle.
  • Income:  For income-oriented clients, we select companies whose earnings and free cash flow growth promotes paying rising annual dividends over the long-term. Relatively high dividend yields usually serve to reduce stock price volatility and provide modest equity growth.

Fixed Income Philosophy

The objective of our fixed income management is to produce a secure stream of income and to reduce overall portfolio volatility. We use high quality fixed income instruments and shift the maturities within an intermediate time frame.

  • Structure:  Fixed income portfolios will be structured along a modified laddered maturity schedule and the portfolio will have an average maturity no longer than ten years.
  • Quality:  While U.S. Treasury and Agency issues are preferred, we will use investment grade corporate bonds when appropriate. In addition to providing the best quality, U.S. Treasuries also have the greatest liquidity. In accounts where tax-exempt securities are appropriate, quality is still paramount and we will use only investment grade municipal bonds.

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